My name is Hanna and I was 15 years old when my Dad introduced me to his Minolta XD5. We became good friends and it didn't take long until I discovered the darkroom in my school where I’d spend hours and hours developing my pictures.

Photography also accompanied me through my media design studies. I still can’t get and learn enough about creating the perfect image. Very early on I understood that what drives me are stories from real life. I am amazed by how many stories constantly unfold around us. Capturing them from a different perspective became an obsession of mine. It sounds so simple and yet it is an art form that requires a lot of discipline, and hard work.

In my professional career I dedicate myself to computer generated worlds and virtual realities. But that’s another story. This here is about my passion for photography and how I perceive the world. No matter how exciting new technologies can be – I believe that life writes the best stories. And for some reason they mostly happen when I travel, that’s why I love to be on the road so much.

Currently I’m based in Munich. The beer is good and the mountains great. If you are around (or not), feel free to say Hi! I’m always happy to meet passionate and inspiring people from everywhere. Hablo español tambien. Česky. Deutsch et un petit peu de Français.